Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Young Parisians

Young Parisians Ealing College 10th June 1978

Lady Ealing College 10th June 1978

Perhaps showing how much of a joke Adam thought Young Parisians was (He said he gave it to Decca to be released as a first single to test them, to see how they handled it) it was never played very much live. I have found this great little recording of it from the Rock Against Racism gig played in June 1978, where Lady also comes from. Lady (Adam meant this to be a double A side with Young Parisians but Decca made it simply the B side) was played quite a few times until the Marco Era Ants, and it has as far as I can tell never been played by that incarnation.

Young Parisians was given 2 airings by the Marco era Ants in 1981 at the Dominion Theatre London on the Stand and Deliver Tour, then in 1993 at the San Juan gig on the Persuasion Tour, Adam played the first few bars before singing part of Strip instead. I doubt many casual Ants fans know of Young Parisians (and it sounds like the audience at San Juan didn't know it either!) though it appears rather bizarrely on quite a few Punk Compilations! Adam also performed Young Parisians as part of his 3 song set at the fan club gig in 1986. Later in the week I will post the San Juan "performance" and the fan club gig too!

Anyway, ENJOY!!


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Again, very nice work Young Steve!

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