Friday, April 28, 2006


I have created 2 MySpace sites. One is just my normal me one

And the other is an Antz one where you can play 4 Antz songs

I don't know why, myspace is silly, but it's where all the young people are, so....!


Monday, April 24, 2006

Goody Two Shoes/ Red Scab

Marco's comments on Goody Two Shoes. He's in italics as ever, and I'm normal text! Enjoy!

Why was Goody Two Shoes recorded and produced by Chris Hughes but not the album Friend or Foe?

I can't answer that at the moment as I want to go Chris's party in a few weeks, after that I'll publicly insult him and his work for all the world to see, I like doing things like that.

Had the Ants split up when these 2 tracks were recorded or before?

We had already split.

Who wrote what music wise of Goody Two Shoes?

Ads came up with the main riff which I altered slightly, i stuck the chords behind it and we both did the key changes.

Was the album version completely re-recorded or just the drums re-done?


Red Scab- the bit at the end "Hey Marco what's all the noise huh?", what's that all about?

It's Adam's impersonation of my Mum.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ant Autobiography ready to pre- order as audio cd on

Adam Ant's Autobiography, "Stand and Deliver", is published on 15th September 2006.
It is also going to be available as audio cds narrated by Adam himself.
The audio is available to pre-order, the book not yet though details of the book have been found by Carty and reported on his Cartrouble website.

News of this is also on AntRap, which I urge you to go join, seeing as I have been helping to make some Ants threads on there.

Friday, April 07, 2006

More Ant Rap and A.N.T.S

Was there ever a demo of Antrap?

What was Adam listening to at the time- ie what influenced Antrap?
Prince Charles (the proto rapper)

Where did he get the idea for it from? Or did he just decide "I want to do a rap!"?
Rap didn't really exist then as we know it now.

Were you suprised that it went to number 3 in the charts?
Not particularly

Did you get more recognised in the street after that came out, seeing as you were name checked in the song and in the video?
It did give men in vans something to shout out and its still very popular with drunks in nightclubs

Where did the ideas for the drums come from for it? Who thought up the rhythm?
Adam and Chris

Bonus q's about A.N.T.S: Adam did this with the old Ants- did you like it?
Never heard it by the old ants

Why was it given away to Flexi disc magazine and not used as a b side?
Why not?

Did you know it STILL appears on ebay as "rare hard to find", yet I saw about 4 of them on ebay the other day!

No I didn't and it does give me sleepless nights wondering whether its on ebay or not, thank you so much for clearing that up for me.

Ant Rap/ Friends

Me normal text, Marco italics.

Ok, Antrap:
Which came first, the album version or the single version?
The Album version.

How much did you have to do with Antrap writing wise?
Well I thought it was a good idea at the time.

What was the idea behind it?
Does the word "rap' ring any bells?

Who's idea was it to release it as a single?
Maurice obersteins .

Did you enjoy pretending to be Liberace in the video?
Not particularly

Why is the album version different to the single version?
We just wanted to make it a bit different

Friends- any thoughts on that song?
I always loved that song it was weird, funny, catchy and fun.

Why is the live version so different and how did that come about?
It just developed that way in rehearshals and we all liked it.

What's the real story behind it being chosen as a single? At the
time Adam claimed it was his choice to see how such a strange single would
do (to see if he could get away with releasing anything).. But in later
years it was claimed that it was CBS's choice.

There was a feeling that releasing "Picasso" was a bit of a cop out, which I agreed with at the time.

Ok, I am guessing you didn't have very much to do writing wise?
Strangely although I don't like it I'm loath to admit I didnt have that much to do with it (typical guitar players ego).

What DID you contribute if anything, or was it just Adam's baby?
I did write some music for it which became the live version, but it got ditched (once Adam's got an idea in his head...)

Did you feel pretty lucky in that Adam already had a load of songs that could be used as B sides, you never had to purposely write a b side?
I guess so, I never thought of it like that, I just really really liked those songs, at one point Adam was thinking of ditching them entirely!

Was B Side Babies (the US cd) the album Adam said in the early 80s he always wanted to make (of all the old Ant songs) or was it "just" a compilation cd?
Nah it was compilation suggested by Sony US.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Wolfmen- Needle in the Camel's Eye Featuring Merrick

Needle in the Camel's Eye

The Wolfmen's version of Brian Eno's Needle in the Camel's Eye is now live in our Downloads section at The track is produced - and drummed - by former Ant Chris Hughes a/k/a Merrick and is one of a number of Wolfmen/Merrick collaborations from the forthcoming album. When asked to describe the track in two words, Marco said simply, "Remake, remodel..."

Another collaboration, this time between The Wolfmen and "THE New York legend" appears next month...

"first thing you learn is you always got to wait"