Friday, October 07, 2005


In September 2004 Richard Cabut interviewed Kevin Mooney about the punk days, Adam & The Ants and his current project, Lavender Pill Mob for the 3am website (
Here is the link to that, and also in January the same year George Berger did a 2 part interview with Marco Pirroni (
Both are very good and worth a read!

Some choice quotes: "I used to go to college in the morning and just sit there and look at someone wearing Brutus jeans and hate them -- consumed with hate about these jeans. It was more about trousers than anything else!"

3AM: What were you trying to do?
MP: I was trying to put off getting a job for as long as possible.
3AM: You've done pretty well so far!
MP: Yeah, I think so! Still haven't got one!

"I remember one time in Middlesbrough. The skins were throwing sharpened up 50ps and kung fu stars, so I said, tactfully: 'If they dropped an atomic bomb on this town it would do £5 worth of damage. I've travelled all over England, I've seen every skinhead in the country and you, standing at the back, you've got the ugliest girlfriend around'. And then this big riot broke out."

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Monk said...

Hooray for Middlesbrough. It's always good to get on the map for the right reasons!