Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ant 2

Today I am posting the original song that Black Pirates is a cover? reworking? of. It's by Kevin Mooney's band that he formed after the Ants (Wide Boy Awake).
I prefer this version.

Chicken Outlaw

You can read Lavender Pill Mob's other half Gary Asquith's reaction to some criticism of Black Pirates
(Scroll down the page a bit).


Ant Lady said...

Looking nice young Steve!

I just miss the links to some important places, like my Ant lyrics site, and Insect Nati√łn, but I'm sure you planned to add them anyway! ;)

antmania said...

Hi Stevie boy.Nice site mate so good luck with it.Will of course pop in for a peek so I can download some rare Antstuff

LESMANIA said...

So then, I found your blog... :-)

OK, between the two versions of this pretty dull song, I like Adam's a bit better, despite the crappy production job. (Was there any!?)

I hope next Adam does a cover of Bona venture, a W/B/A song I actually DID enjoy at the time.

Bliss Ya!