Saturday, October 08, 2005


Remixer extraordinare Carty has donated a brand new EXCLUSIVE remix of The Lavender Pill Mob's "It Dosn't Matter" to this site It Dosn't Matter Alpha Remix

Over to Carty:

For those who don't know already, the Lavender Pill Mob consist of ex-Adam And The Ants bassist Kevin Mooney and ex-Renegade Soundwave person Gary Asquith. They have just released their second album, Mikes Bikes on their own label, The stand out track on that album for me is "It Dosn't Matter". It has no connection to the Ant track with a similar title. In fact, it is spelt slightly differently! But I felt it lacked in the production department and had a lot more to offer, so I suggested to Gary that I'd like to try my hand at remixing it. He seemed interested in hearing it, so I set about ripping it apart, bit by bit. I created three remixes and this is the first and main one which I've called the Alpha Remix. It still retains the fantastic opening riff, but I've programmed some brand new funky drums, added some new deeper bass and a mellow string section to accompany the "ahhhs".There's a also a slight acid groove in there and a slight hint at some scratching too. But this is close to how I would have liked the track to sound, even if it is a little longer. But what's new eh?

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Beeblebear said...

This place looks fantastic. And it ain't style over content. So kudos to you, Mr Steve.