Saturday, October 01, 2005

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Hi, welcome to the Adam and the Ants/ Adam Ant MP3 blog!

Here you will find odd bits of Ant news, links to Ant sites and News, and some mp3s.

The first mp3s will be added shortly!

I will rotate the mp3s a few each week, so grab them fast!

I will also try and keep them to rare live versions or remixes, demos, etc, rather than the ones readily available on cd (so you won't see Goody Two Shoes here!). The odd official track will appear now and then, but with the intent on making you GO BUY THE CD! A link will be given where available for you to do so.

Antmusic for Sexpeople!

Ok, first mp3: Black Pirates

02 - Black Pirates:
Love to Marco, Adam, Terry, Chris + all the Crew of the Stellamaris. ♥

Carty - Mooney once said in a 3am interview that Adam sings this version of "Chicken Outlaw" better than he did when Wide Boy Awake performed it back in the 80's. He must have been taking the piss. This was recorded in 2003 and has to be Adam's worst vocal performance ever released ("Wannabe" and "Save The Gorilla" remain unreleased). It's ironic that Mooney wrote this about Adam, and it does question what state of mind he was in when this was (poorly) recorded. The hardest part for me is after Adam sings "clever, clever, clever, fucker". The "oh" that follows is, to put it bluntly, sad.

Steve - Oh dear. It features Adam Ant on vocals. I want to be nice because overall I like this album. But this song really does not fit. The album has some odd moments, but this is more than odd, it sounds like a mess about in the studio one day. It is of course a re-recording of a Wide Boy Awake song, "Chicken Outlaw", re-named "Black Pirates". But it's not even a re-recording, it sounds like Kev said to Adam one day "'Ere I wrote this song about you ages ago when I left the Ants", played it to him and Adam said "hehehe that's great, pass me another beer, 'ere, 'ere, let's have a mess about, let's tape it!" The results really ought to have been left off as a curio, something they did one day for a laugh. because apart from the fact that with Adam on it it becomes an ADAM song (and it is way below what Adam can do - even the covers on the "Gorillas" single were better than this, even "Gorillas" itself was better), it doesn't sound complete. It's too messy, it's all over the place and sounds unfinished. In a word it's awful and really should have been left off the otherwise fantastic album. When I first heard it I thought well ok
if the rest of the CD is like this then at least it fits and it will take some getting used to, but as my review shows, the rest of the album ISN'T like this. So it's just a shame that this is in there. And being an Ant fan I tried hard there to be kind, but really it ruins the CD, and is skipped, sorry.

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