Monday, September 25, 2006

Wolfmen new single on the way


The WOLFMEN are back with a fast follow up to their debut EP ‘Jackie Says’ (Damgood269- 10”), The A-side is a new song called 'Kama Sutra' with a bit of a T-Rex flavour to it, The b-side is 'TV’s on John Wayne just got shot again' a mad 2 minute punk techno noise fest!

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EDIT: Available on October 30th 2006.
Damaged Goods

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Guardian Weekend magazine

Ha! I was just browsing the magazine and lo and behold, back page- Adam on this Picasso painting!

Sunday Herald Magazine Scans

Not brilliant scans but the best I can do for now, the magazine is a bit larger than A4! Anyway, you get to see the pics!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

These words fell into my email inbox earlier today.....

Do The Ant

'The Ant'
'The Ant'
You dance . . .
To 'The Ant'
You can't refuse, oh no
Nothing to lose

It's gonna grow upon you like a plant
You're gonna need lots of deodorant

You dance . . .
'The Ant'
You romance . . .
To 'The Ant'
You can't refuse, oh no
There's nothing to lose
Arriba - listen

Ant guitar . . .

Yes, you just take your two forefingers
And wriggle them around like that baby ant
And soon you'll be doing it . . .
Just like me!

So now I'm very busy turning up my amp
And all this make-up makes me look so camp!

You dance . . .
'The Ant'
You romance . . .
To 'The Ant'
You can't refuse, oh no
'Cause there's nothing to lose
Oh no . . .

So you send us a letter with a stamp
We send you the instructions - with our thanks

You can dance . . .
'The Ant'
Romance . . .
To 'The Ant'
You dance
'The Ant'
You romance
To 'The Ant'
You don't refuse . . .

© BMG Music Publishing Limited

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Adam Channel 4 website interview and Marco old new interview punk 77

Adam was interviewed recently for Channel 4's website, and Punk 77 Website unearthed a Marco email interview from 2001. Enjoy! More Adam stuff to come including a review of the Book, Marco on Apollo 9/ B Side Baby, and more Adam in the press.

PLUS later I will add an mp3 of Adam from Radio 2 yesterday, and here is a link to an extract of Adam reading the book from the Audio version of the book.

Channel 4 Adam Interview

Punk 77 Marco Interview

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mail on Sunday Part 2 and Ant News

Here are the final 2 scans from the Mail on Sunday, courtesy of Carty's site.
More scans to follow this coming week from Adam's appearances in the press.

From essential works' website:


Antmania rampant in September

Last updated 8 September 06

Adam Ant’s long awaited autobiography, Stand & Deliver is published on September 14 and will be prominently stacked in the front of every good book store (and Tescos, too) for a good few weeks. Adam will be signing copies of the book in a number of stores across the UK between September 16 (at Waterstones in Piccadilly) and September 28 (in Milton Keynes and Birmingham), check local press for details. Also available on September 15 is the audio version of the book, read by Adam and available as a four-disk package from Macmillan Audio.

On Monday September 11 Sony BMG release Stand & Deliver the very Best of Adam & The Ants in two formats – single disk CD and double disk CD and DVD which contains eight classic Adam videos. The CD carries the same artwork as the book and audio book. Sony BMG are TV-advertising the album throughout the month.

The Mail On Sunday began serialising Adam’s autobiography on September 3, with the second and final instalment published on September 10. Adam has been busy with press interviews and they are beginning to appear in a variety of newspapers and magazines: The Times T2 section will carry Adam’s interview with Andrew Billen and new photos on September 13; Uncut magazine’s current (October) issue carries an interview with Adam by Jon Wilde and a new photo; Time Out will carry a two-page interview and new photos on September 13; the Sunday Herald magazine (Scotland) will carry an interview and new photos on September 17; C4 Music website will run an interview from September 11; Psychologies magazine will run a photo-led feature interview with Adam in the their November issue, out at the end of September/early October.

There are also a number of radio interviews that Adam has pre-recorded and that are due to be broadcast between September 11 and 28, among them Steve Wright in the afternoon on either September 12 or 13 and a number of local independent station interviews.

There are also likely to be more interviews appearing throughout the month and beyond, with a major two-part, new documentary being broadcast by London Weekend in early November.

Finaly, below are the book signing dates and venues, and a new mini Ant site here.


Saturday 16th September
London Piccadilly Waterstone’s 1pm
203/206 Piccadilly
London W1V 9LE
0207 851 2400

Tuesday 19th September
Manchester Waterstone’s 5pm
Manchester Arndale
Manchester M4 3AQ
0161 8328563

Saturday 23rd September
Newbury Borders, 12-2pm
UNIT 12, Newbury retail Park,
Pinchington Lane,
Berkshire RG14 7HU

Saturday 23rd September
Oxford Borders 6-7pm
9 Magdalen Street,
Oxford OX1 3AD
01865 203 901

Tuesday 26th September
Glasgow Borders 1-2pm
98 Buchanan St,
Lanarkshire G1 3HA
0141 222 7700

Tuesday 26th September
Edinburgh Waterstones 6-7pm
128 Princes Street,
Edinburgh, EH2 4AD
0131 226 2666

Thursday 28th September
Milton Keynes,
Waterstone’s 12-1pm (formerly Ottakars)
72 Midsummer Place,
Milton Keynes,
01908 395 384

Thursday 28th September
Birmingham New Street, Borders 6-7pm
MSU8 Bullring,
West Midlands B5 4BE
0121 616 1094

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Q Magazine reviews, Uncut Magazine Interview, and Slapdash Eden Myspace site

These are both from the latest edition of Q magazine.
Coming later will be Adam interviewed in Uncut magazine.
Andi 'Binliner' Vaughan, the man behind Slapdash Eden, has started a Myspace site. So far he has some exclusive recollections from John Dowie, and some rare photo's. Go check it out!

This is from this month's Uncut Magazine.

(Scans by Miss Caroline Richards, and borrowed before I managed to buy my own copies to scan, from the antlib website.)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Marco answers Wolfmen questions from the studio, and more Adam extracts from the forthcoming book.....

I asked Marco a few questions about the album the Wolfmen are currently recording in the studio.

How's it going in the studio?
Slow but sure

How many songs have you recorded?
About 6/7 but we've made a start on about 12

Do you have any preview titles?

How many songs do you plan to put on the album?

Do you have a title for the album yet?
Modernity Killed Every Night

What song are you going to release as a single - Karma Sutra?
We're thinking about it, it's mastered and ready to go, maybe in new year.

Will all of the Jackie Says EP and the single be on the album, or just a couple of tracks IE Jackie says and Kama Sutra?
I dont want to put all of the EP on it, I think thats a bit of a rip-off; what tracks will apear will be different versions or at least remixes

Are there going to be any more cover versions?
There's a few numbers I'd like to try: "Telephone call" by Kraftwerk, "Only after dark" Mick Ronson, "Homosapian" Pete Shelly .We may make these available as downloads.

Will Do the Ostrich be on the album or single?
We have to ask Lou Reed, like all geniuses he can be "difficult" but he has that right.

And the book publishers have posted some extracts from the forthcoming Stand and Deliver book here.


Mail On Sunday Scans

Here are the scans from this Sunday's Mail On Sunday.

Pages are from Carty's Website.