Thursday, January 31, 2008

Antcomics new blog site

Antcomics creator Amy has started a new blogsite where she says she'll post exclusive stuff not on her myspace site or anywhere else- check it out!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Website updates

Just a small one for now.
I'm going to change the way the website is linked and make THIS the first page (after the Title page) that you arrive at.
Where there is just a small piece of news or small picture to post, I will just put it on here, but where there is a larger new addition or scans, I will put them onto the website and link them from here which will be the News page.

This is how The Sex Pistols site works. You see the first picture, then you click that and go to a blog-like site that is the News section and Index/ contents page.
This looks much better than having two separate places.

I shall be getting on with that in a moment, hopefully successfully changing the index file.

Also, later next week I am going to do a small piece on the Uk based Ant tribute bands, linking to their myspace sites and songs.

Chris and Marco have said they will send me some old Wolfmen Demos to put onto the Jukebox, so look out for those soon.
Speaking of, they tell me that they plan to have 2 new singles out next year and then the album, along with the album they have been working on with Daler Mehndi, and that they will be playing again in February.
I will be back in the UK for a few months in February, so I will catch up with them and see them live and hopefully film them too.
My friend Rob has been asked to take some photographs of them at a gig too, so hopefully I can get some of those too and host them here.

All good stuff!

Keep up with Adam-Ant.Net for the up to date news on Adam- I will of course keep up with that too but not as much.
Justin (the admin over there) has said he will tidy up and send me the old Fetish for Ants pages that they used to host but no longer have online, so I will also sometime this year post that all up too.

Stay tuned!!

Finally, if you like Ant comics then check out this myspace site.
The owner (Amy) says: This is the official MySpace for ANTCOMICS!, a comic strip drawn by me (Amy) about the 80s supergroup, Adam & the Ants. This was started for my own entertainment. Then I put some on my DeviantArt page, and other Adam & the Ants fans were entertained. So I started a website to share them with the world.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I have added a jukebox (to the right there).
I will be adding live songs soon. This i think is better than making them available as downloads, what with people getting all irate and threatening legal crap at me as happened a while ago with EMI.
Persuasion is on there at the moment, enjoy!

Next up will be Some Ants and some Wolfmen.

Wolfmen now mostly all loaded.

Am adding Wide Boy Awake, Rema Rema and I will also add the live songs that go with the various Marco comments about each song that I had up before into the player.

And some early pre-Dirk Ants I think!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

More from Mojo and Antmuzak on DVD

AntMuzak is being released on dvd.

The dvd will contain ‘Ant Muzak’, together with it’s 2 companion pieces BLAKE’S JUNCTION 7 and WORLD OF WRESTLING; all written by Tim Plester and directed by Ben Gregor.
the dvd also contains some 55 minutes of “bonus material”, which includes a never before seen ‘Ant Muzak’ trailer
and an exclusive 8-minute “behind-the-scenes” ‘Ant Muzak’ featurette, which contains footage of gary tibbs dancing the prince charming down a supermarket aisle.

The dvd (region 2) is released on January 21st and is available for
pre-order at

Meanwhile Mojo Magazine has now posted a series of videos from youtube on it's website here

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mojo January edition

Adam, Marco, Kevin, Chris Hughes and a Muff Winwood were interviewed for the latest edition of Mojo magazine.
There's not an awful lot of interview type stuff in the article, but they do a good history of the Ants, and some cool pictures.

Click the pics below to view....