Friday, October 21, 2005

Just a small post for now about this "blog"

I've slowly come to realise that this blog site is the book I keep saying I want to write about the Ants. It's a way for me to get out of my system all the little things I want to say about Adam and the Ants. I could still write a book, but it seems to me that that needs a LOT of spare time that I just don't have. This however takes minutes to do, and is easy. I have lots of bits of research stuck away on an A4 pad, I've been researching the music press, and have a fair old collection of stuff myself bought off the evil ebay!
So think of this as reading my book in progress!
At the moment on here I am focussing on each single as it was written and posting live/ alternate versions of those (with the occasional tangent of a new remix as they appear simply because for me remixes of Ant tunes are a new way of hearing the song. I'd do my own remixes if i had the patience, but alas I do not, to sit for hours putting them together like Carty does (and others) would drive me to distraction. Writing is my thing. So I shall keep posting away on here bits and bobs, and write about the Ants and the music I love, and also include Marco's thoughts when he has them and if I'm lucky who knows, I may even get another Ant or two to speak to me.
At the moment I am playing AntBox for the first time in ages, and I love it! I was unhappy that a few of the B Sides had been missed off when I first got it, and to be honest I still think that it misses out on those gems, Beat My Guest, Christian Dior, Friends, Fall In, Red Scab, Juanito the Bandito, Press Darlings, Greta X- those are an important part of the Ants early history and the re-done versions with Marco on feedbacking guitar are FANTASTIC! But never mind, it just means you HAVE to go buy B Side Babies (or have all the singles like a real Ant Fan does!*)

Anyway, I am having a lot of fun with this! And I have a LOT of very cool stuff to scan and post up on the webspace I bought- the Fantastic Adventures of Adam Ant from TOP comic, the many poster magazines, Look In articles and pics, and a TON of cuttings and pics. So I hope that you all enjoy seeing and reading and hearing all this stuff. Welcome to my Antbook online!!

(* If you're a REAL Antfan, you have EVERYTHING! And if you're a magpie like me and my Babe Aimee then you have everything else too!)

ps thanks go to Caroline Richards and Gordon Moss for being kind enough to lend me articles and other stuff that I don't yet have, Carty for the great website that is an inspiration and what a good Ant website shound be, and also special mention to Adam Ant Net and Ant Lib websites which both in their day were bloody good sites too. I like to think that I and Carty at least are carrying on some of their good work and doing perhaps what they may have intended to do but for one reason or another didn't get round to doing. Antlib is being overhauled so let's hope we see it as good as it was before soon! Remember, it's all about the passion for the music imo.


Carty said...

Could you get me a pork pie with my pint of bittet and dry roasted nuts please?

I forgot to ask you earlier.

Carty said...

(by the way, "bittet" is the new name for "bitter")

SteveAnt said...

peanuts yes, pork pie no!