Thursday, October 20, 2005

Young Berliners

Once again we have Marco Pirroni's thoughts, here on Young Parisians, Lady, Zerox and Whip in my Valise. Marco wasn't part of the Ants when these were released, but seeing as we can't ask Adam (And I would LOVE to ask Adam!), this is the next best thing! Enjoy!

I'm not sure what to say about Young Parisians, I never really liked it, it's not very funny and it's not very good. I don't know why Adam wanted to release it or why Decca let him (I have my own theories but i won't go into them now).

Lady's ok but I never wanted to play it.

I thought Xerox sounded great but it isn't that great a song, though it's fun to play live.

As for "whip" I thought it was dated S+M punk imagery when it came out and a bit naff really.
I don't dislike it but I never wanted to play that either.

I'm generally ambivalent to the Ants recorded output before I joined, on the few occasions that Adam mentioned Young Parisians he just said "what was I thinking?
If he doesn't know then there's not much chance of the rest of us understanding it!


Carty said...

How do you spell Marco's last name again? ;-)

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