Sunday, November 30, 2008

Young Parisians Page added

I will be doing one a month. Antmusic and Young Parisians are active right now, go here and click the Antmusic or Young Parisians cover to see the new pages!

An Ant at the Bloomsbury and Wolf-itunes

Adam Ant CD.

The triple-folded digipack cased Live at The Bloomsbury CD is set to be released on 12th December 2008. You can order it here.

The track listing for the Adam Ant Live at The Bloomsbury CD release has been confirmed, and it will include passages of Adam reading from his autobiography on the stage at the gig, complete with unscripted ad-libbing between he, Dave Pash on guitar and the audience.
There are also, of course, eight performances of songs from the night.
The tracks on the forthcoming release (which has a total running time of 65 minutes) are:

1 A Girl Named Bill (spoken word)
2 Young Parisians
3 Never Trust A Man (with egg on his face)
4 Cleopatra
5 Boxing Clever (spoken word)
6 Catch a Falling Star
7 Cartrouble
8 Stand and Deliver
9 Early Mornings Gene Vincent (spoken word)
10 Goody Two Shoes
11 Never Trust A
Man (with egg on his face) Encore

Adam co-produced the album with Boz Boorer at the House of Boz studios in late September.


This week sees the return of Modernity Killed Every Night to iTunes, with a new digital edition including three exclusive bonus tracks:

Kama Sutra Remix / Nothing To Say To You (Alan Moulder Mix) / Nothing To Say To You (Chris Hughes Mix)
Their early EPs are now also finally available on iTunes - and all other digital platforms - as of this week:

Kama Sutra / TV's On John Wayne's Just Been Shot Again
more >>

Needle In The Camels Eye (Alan Moulder Mix) / Zip Gun / Mother of Mystery
more >>

Jackie Says (Original Version) / Needle In The Camels Eye (Original Version) / If You Talk Like That (Original Version) / Up All Nighter (Original Version)
more >>

Cecilie / Do The Ostrich / Look Like Tarzan, Sing Like Jane
more >>

Don't forget the new one - Better Days - as spun in the last week but Gideon Coe on BBC 6 Music and Gary Crowley on BBC Radio London.

And in their online shop at they have added some more limited edition promo goodies: Jackie Says DVDs, Kama Sutra T-shirts, and Cecilie DVDs. Get them while you can!

And don't forget you can download a free remix of Nothing To Say To You on the Wolfmen website for a limited time only!

Saturday, November 01, 2008


I got a new job recently which isn't a 'sit down all day able to use the internet when i feel like it' job, so I haven't had the energy or time to post much, plus i share a pc at home, so again, time is limited!

However I did just get hold of a bunch of my Ants stuff from home, plus the three Slapdash Edens by Andi Vaughan, and the interviews in those deserve to be reprinted, so I am going to (with Andi's permission) reprint those soon on the website, and try and get some of the Ant stuff scanned.

I will post an update on what the ex Ants are up to as soon as I can soon.
The Wolfmen are releasing the new single Better Days and doing more gigs. Adam is releasing The Bloomsbury CD finally on next year, and also won a Q Icon Award last month.
As for the others, I will endeavor to find out!

I had a bit of a break, but will post some more Ant related stuff very soon!
I will also change the music on the ipod player........

One thing I will say is that I recently got hold of the Adam and the Ants Dandy Highwaymen Double CD, and I have to say it's one of the best compilation cds I have ever seen for the price, along with a great write up by Pat Gilbert who also compiled the tracks and writes for Mojo.

Lots of news and stuff to read on The Family Of Noise website and Message board, so please head over there for news of the latest Convention and first FON evening the night before it, and plans for the next one (Which I will bloody be at!)