Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wolfmen update

Shooting has just wrapped on Dogging: A Love Story, the latest Wolfmen film project. The darkened corners of Newcastle’s car parks provide an unlikely setting for a skewed romance about a young man’s introduction to the al fresco swinging scene, described as “A love story about sex, monogamy (or not), the search for love and the joy of dogging.”

It’s the latest from Vertigo Films (The Football Factory, The Business, It’s All Gone Pete Tong) and is directed by up-coming British talent Simon Ellis. This is the first feature from this award-winning director whose seventeen short films have enjoyed four hundred screenings on the international film festival circuit, various television broadcasts and MTV rotations.

"Simon is one of the most visually interesting directors out there,” One For The Road director Chris Cooke told the BBC DNA recently. “There's something quirky, leftfield and completely original about his approach to filmmaking. He can tell the most sensitive story (10 Again) or the most violent (What About The Bodies), and it's like you recognise his handwriting on it.”

The film stars Luke Treadaway, Kate Heppell, Sammy Dobson (pictured) and - in their own particular way - The Wolfmen. Marco and Chris make a cameo in one scene, perform some new material in another and are working on a contribution for the soundtrack. Music superviser on the movie is Lol Hammond who was previously music superviser on films such as Football Factory, It's All Gone Pete Tong, Dirty Sanchez, Pusher 2 and the recently released, award-winning London to Brighton. Currently in the editing stage, Dogging's theatrical release will be later this year – more news when we have it.

More U.S.Airplay
Some of these new tracks are continuing to rip up US alternative radio: in the last two weeks The Wolfmen have remained Top 10 on the FMQB Album/EP Chart and Top 20 on the FMQB and Mediaguide Singles Charts. New plays have come from KZON Phoenix, AZ, WAXQ New York, NY & KIWR Omaha, NE with interviews and on-air CD giveaways at KUPD Phoenix and WPGU Champaign, IL.

Free CDs?
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More news coming soon. Stay tuned...
The Wolfmen -
Marco Pirroni and
Chris Constantinou