Monday, May 29, 2006

I want those who get to know me........

Ok readers, we have another installment of Marco tells it like it is!
This week we're onto Friend or Foe and Jaunito the Bandito.
Enjoy! (Me normal text, Marco italics)

Who wrote what with Friend or Foe?

Fairly equal, I think Ads came in with the four note verse bassline as we used that as a starting point.

There are 2 demos available, and my first thoughts when I heard them were wow, what a strange sounding song. Was it difficult to write?

Not at all, it came together really quickly.

I read that you said that once you had the twangy guitar bit it all worked?

Yeah before that it was a weird combo of Rolf Harris and "out of the blue" by Roxy Music.

It's got a lot more drums on this - most of Friend or Foe the album has more
prominent drums- was this a reaction to losing the drums to an extent on Prince Charming (the album) ?

No we never thought about that at all.

Friend or Foe to my knowledge was never played live- why is this, is it because it is too difficult to play live?

We did do it live.
(Note oops, well I only went on what setlists are available! Would love to hear it live...)

Juanito the Bandito- do you play all the guitars on this?


The old Ants did this as a full band- who's idea was it do this (and Why do Girls Love Horses and Sex Rumples) as just a duo?

We didnt think about it, it was just the way we did demos.

Who chose those songs to record- Adam?

I think we both did.

Did he put any other songs forward for recording?

No I dont think so.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Max 3,2,1 Video Exclusive!


Exclusively to my blog , here thanks to Mr Mark Alleyne, is a video of Kevin Mooney's band Max rehearsing a song called 3,2,1, with Marco on guitar.
Over to Mark:

(This is) Kevin Mooney's very wonderful band 'Max' rehearsing a song from the unreleased album '1001 Nights' - '3,2,1'. It features a short-lived but brilliant line-up of the group.
They rehearsed but never played live or recorded in this configuration. The bass player is Paul Deg - a brilliant player who fronted his own difficult, experimental but at times beautiful band 'Bluff', at the time. Here playing Marco's Fender Precision, instead of the weird and wonderful five-string he usually played. Drummer - John Reynolds. Here's an interesting bit - the guitarist playing alongside Marco here is Ian Casimir [formally of 'Pocket
Rockets'], who played all of the guitars on 1992's 'Silence Running' album. Guitar on the album is usually credited to Matthew Ashman, but this isn't true as he hadn't even joined the group at that time.

In fact Matthew only played on two recordings released by Max: 'Overdrive' and 'Outsiders' - on the B-side of the 'Hold On' single. The video was shot by independent videographer
Baillie Walsh at John Henry's Studios, London, winter 1989/90.

There are 3 different formats of the video- realplayer, wmv and avi. The realplayer is the smallest (9166 kb) the avi is the biggest (21,649kb!).

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Extra Wonderful!

HOT off the Press, just received from Marco who says this is the first HE has heard of it too!


‘Extra Wonderful’

Release date: 26 June 2006

This is the companion to Adam Ant's 1995 album 'Wonderful' and is a must-have for all Antpeople! As well as b-sides from the long-since unavailable vinyl and cassette single formats of the single 'Wonderful', there are three remixes taken from a US single promo.Also included are b-sides from the 'Beautiful Dream' and 'Gotta Be A Sin' singles.

For early Ant fans, the accompanying 7 live tracks recorded at the Shepherd's Bush Empire gig in 1995 are a real treat - these include brilliantly fresh re-renderings of tracks 'Desperate But Not Serious', 'Cartrouble', and 'Dog Eat Dog', plus the classic ‘Physical’, infamously covered by Nine Inch Nails at the time.Also newly available are the digital video downloads for the three singles 'Wonderful', 'Gotta Be A Sin' and 'Beautiful Dream'.

Digital Download (2 Components)
Component 1
1. Wonderful (Clearmountain Mix) (Unedited)
2. Goes Around
3. Norman
4. Woman Love Run Through Me
5. If
6. Phoenix
7. Wonderful (AC Mix)
8. Wonderful (Hot AC Mix)
9. Wonderful (Remix)
10. Beautiful Dream (Single Remix)
11. Let's Have A Fight
12. Billy Boy
13. Shake Your Hips
14. Beautiful Dream (Lucas Full Length Mix)
15. Beautiful Dream (Lucas Master Mix)
Component 2
1. Cleopatra (Live)
2. Beat My Guest (Live)
3. Red Scab (Live)
4. Desperate But Not Serious (Live)
5. Car Trouble (Live)
6. Physical (You're So) (Live)
7. Dog Eat Dog (Live)
(at No: 366 3745)

Video Downloads

‘Wonderful’ (Cat No: 366 3635)
‘Beautiful Dream’ (Cat No: 366 3645)
‘Gotta Be A Sin’ (Cat No: 366 3625)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Fashion in Film soundtracked by Wolfmen

Fashion in Film Festival will premiere in London in May 2006 with its very first edition titled “Between Stigma and Enigma”, a retrospective showcase of film and video work on fashion. It is screened at three unique London venues: Ciné lumière (French Institute), the Horse Hospital and the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA). Featuring a mix of early and classic cinema, contemporary art, as well as documentary, instruction and propaganda film, it will send viewers on blissfully satisfying and fickle journeys peppered with fine clothes and foxy attitudes. Fashion in Film Festival is delighted to host a special screening of the rarely seen cult film Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo? and to welcome its director William Klein as the Festival’s 2006 Guest of Honour. Film screenings will be followed by lectures, informal talks and Q&A sessions with filmmakers, artists, critics and fashion designers including Anna-Nicole Ziesche, Jean-François Carly, Penny Martin and Shelley Fox. Films will also be accompanied by music especially composed for the occasion, including an exclusive collaboration with The WOLFMEN (Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou) on soundtracks for two silent films that form part of the Shoes, Eroticism and Fetish programme.

Both films Featuring Wolfmen soundtrack will be screened at Ciné Lumière, London on Wednesday 17 May.

Shoes, Eroticism and Fetish
Paris: Women’s Shoes in Lafayette Galleries (Paris Chaussures Femmes aux Galeries Lafayette),Pathé Gaumont. France 1912.The Gay Shoe Clerk, dir. Edwin S. Porter. USA 1903. Music composed and performed by THE WOLFMEN(Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou - Pedestre (Love on Foot), dir. Marcel Fabre. Italy 1914. Music composed and performed by THE WOLFMEN(Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou)

Click this picture to download a pdf of the poster, or visit for more info.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Terry Lee Miall MySpace

Terry LeeMiall has now got an official myspace.

To be run by Matt (Singer with Mantra 2) who says:

It's only just been set up, so we'll be adding more content and info and stuff over the next coupla weeks.
Let people know that Terry will receive all mail, well wishes, fan letters etc etc.

Rap/ Shoes/ Scab mp3s

Sorry for the delay, here are some mp3s for ya!

AntRap Prince Charming Revue
Goody Two Shoes FOF GIG
Goody Two Shoes SBE95
Red Scab NYE 79
Red Scab Henry Fonda 1993

Still looking for a Friends one.......

Friday, May 05, 2006


Hello, sorry, I have been busy updating the website. MP3s of AntRap, Friends, Goody Two Shoes and Red Scab will be uploaded tonight.

Please visit the website in the meantime and keep checking back for them mp3s :)