Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Marco on 'Wonderful'

I asked Marco some questions about the 1995 single 'Wonderful' as part of my nearly finished series on the Ant singles. Here are his replies, in italics.

When was Wonderful written and what input did you have?
We did it about 6 months before the album sessions and I came up with the main D/Fsharpe Minor/C/Em sequence.

Who is Bonnie Hayes and what did she do?
To this day I have no idea who she is; she did the Middle 8 bit towards the end.

Were the extra songs on the 2 singles CDs written specifically for the single or were they album outtakes?
(Norman, If, Phoenix, Woman Love Run Through Me, Goes Around).
They were album outtakes.

How generally did the sessions for the album go?
Very smoothly, it was the first time for years that we recorded almost entirely live.

Adam has said that you wanted to write an album of songs that were written acoustically so they could be played easily..... was that how you approached writing the songs?
Yes absolutely, that was the intention all along before we ever even started.

What's your favourite song from that period/ album?

I know you hate touring anyway but do you have any good memories of the 95 tour?
The only good thing about that tour was the Shepherds Bush gigs, I was pleased they went so well as I had already decided in my own mind that that would be the last time I would play all those classic Ant songs live.

You both got ill at the end didn't you?
It was about half way through, it took me about a year to really recover.

Here is the demo with Bonnie Hayes:

And here is the promo video:

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