Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008 changes.......

I've been thinking about this for a while and I think I am going to slightly change this blog, to be primarily a Wolfmen blog and perhaps Ant related, not so much emphasis on Adam anymore. Carty does an excellent Ant website, keeping the news updated, as does now, so I think another Ant related one isn't needed, and anyway to be honest I prefer The Wolfmen these days than anything else........ so I think i will make a few tweaks and edits to this blogsite later in january when I am finished celebrating the new year.

Stay tuned!!

Here's the 2 Wolfmen videos again to go with that.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wolfmen News update

Live and direct from The Wolf's Lair... Enjoy the
madness of our debut gig and Islington's Carling
Academy from a couple of weeks ago in the comfort of
your own Lair, courtesy of a brilliant documentary film
by Stephen Pook.

If you missed the gig, or want to relive some of the
highlights and check some backstage action, you can
find it on YouTube

The set list for Islington ran: Needle
In The Camel's Eye
, Love Is A Dog, Jackie
, Up All
, Do The
, Kama
Sutra . Our support act - Bishi
(pictured below)

- came back onstage for
Cecilie, Needles, and Thieves & Liars. Look out for
her album Nights At The Circus, out now online and in

The first half of next year for The Wolfmen will be really
busy. We'll be recording Daler Mehndi's
album Theives & Liars, which will spawn at least one
single. And we'll be finishing the debut Wolfmen
album too, and will have another ingle out in March.
We'll be on stage again quite soon, as we're putting
together a residency at the Embassy Rooms
which starts in February...

...and P.S. Happy Christmas!

The Wolfmen -
Marco Pirroni and
Chris Constantinou

Ian Peel at the Wolfmen office:
Official website:
Official MySpace