Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Marco Question and Answers Vive le Rock single and Out of Bounds.

I asked Marco a few questions about both of these, we've fallen a bit behind with updates here, but I aim to be back on track and finish the singles off at least.

So here are Marco Pirroni's thoughts on Vive le Rock, Out of Bounds and one about A.N.T.S!

Vive Le Rock: Who wrote the music for this one?
We both did

Are there any songs on Vive Le Rock that you wrote all the music for,
like you did with some on Friend Or Foe? Or were they all written
All written together

Why did you not play any of the b sides live except for Physical and
Press Darlings?
I dunno...no reason, it just never occurred to us at the time.

What are the main influences for Vive Le Rock (Song and album)?
Malcolms t-shirt

How long did it take to record the album?
About 6 weeks

What was Tony Visconti like to work with?

What happened to the bass on Vive Le Rock (It's quite buried in the
mix most of the time)?
Ask Tony he mixed it!

Were you aware at the time that you were so different from every other
band around?
If I had have thought about it then I would have noticed...but i didn't care anyway

Do you still have the big white Gresch that Adam is holding on the
front cover?
Yes...er...I think so

You rejoined the Vive Tour as guitarist full time, what changed your
People going on and on and on at me to do it

Were you involved with Out of Bounds?
No, nobody ever asked me to involved and for that I was quite grateful

What did you think of it?
Never heard it

How did Out of Bounds come about- were Adam and Stewart Copeland
No idea but we were managed by Stewarts brother Miles at the time so that had something to do with it, I don't think Adam and Stewart were friends at all and they certainly weren't afterwards, but Stewart is a bit hard to take over a long period.but nice enough if its just hello and goodbye!

A.N.T.S- When did you record that and why?
We needed a track for a flexidisc and as we were going to ditch it anyway (we felt the joke had worn thin) ,so we thought we would do a quick recording of it, it took about 3 hours and was just Adam, Hughes and myself and we had a good laugh doing it.

Do you/ did you think Vive le Rock was rocky enough?
Never been happy with the mix,we wanted the poppiness of TREX and the rawness of the pistols, dunno if we really nailed it tho.

Would you use Tony Visconti to record it again if you had the choice?
Absolutely, he loves guitar players and said I had an authentic Bolan tone! He gave me one of Marc's ring modulator pedals and i gave it to Boz for his birthday, we were never sure what it was supposed to do and it just sounds a bit fuzzy but it was Marc's so it is a holy relic!

Did you know he says in his book that Vive is his favorite record that
he has ever produced?
No i didn't know that, i never read his book, how many chapters are devoted to me?

(None, just a couple of pages!)

From Tony's website:

Q: I've followed your records for over 20 years of my life and they still sound vital and fresh in the late '90's. One album that was very overlooked here in America was Adam Ant's, "Vive Le Rock'. I thought it sounded very joyous and live. What was it like to work with Adam?

A: What a creative ball of energy! He was great to work with. He's very opinionated and knows what he wants. We didn't quite agree during the mixes, he kind of wanted everything very trebly and I'm a bassey kind of producer.

Tony Visconti Myspace
Tony Visconti website

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