Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wolfmen Review, Interview, and Marco on Puss n Boots/ Kiss the Drummer

Review of Jackie Says EP here

Marco and Chris interviewed

And in my ongoing series, here we have Marco questioned about 1983's Puss n Boots and kiss the Drummer.

Me normal text, Marco italics.

Puss n Boots- the demo for this sounds like you had the song pretty much all
worked out already- what did Phil Collins add to the song apart from the drums?

He did what producers do which is make your ideas sound better.

Why did Phil only do this and Strip?

coz he was busy on the road.

How long did Puss n Boots and Strip take to record?

About 10 days

Kiss The Drummer- was this written specially for the single or was it an out-take from the album?

It was written in the studio specially for the b-side.

Why did you not do an old Ants song for this or Strip singles?

We just wanted to do something else.

Was there a 3rd single planned? (If so what song?)

No I dont think there was.

Who was Paris? Why did he do the drums/ record the b sides and not Richard Burgess?

He was the engineer and he programmed the drums, as we only knew our way round the Linn drum machine and not the oberhein they had at Polar.

Do you know who Kiss the Drummer is actually about (if anyone)?

It came out of one of Adams old lyric books, the words were written years before we wrote the song, and it's about a fantasy character no one specific, the title probably came from a line in a film, they usually do.

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