Monday, July 03, 2006

A note about the mp3s on this blog and Extra Wonderful download links

Just a note to inform you dear blogger/ reader/ Record Company person: re- the mp3s advertised as for downloading on here. These are live versions of the songs that Marco discusses, with the occasional remix version thrown in.
They will only be available for a short while, so you need to grab them quickly.
The older mp3s have now been taken down. I am sorry about that, it is partly to make space on my webspace but also to encourage you to grab them quickly.
At NO POINT will officially available songs be available here to download- that is illegal and won't be happening- the point of this blogsite is to be a PROMOTION of the Ants and their various side projects, not to rip them off in any way.

The Extra Wonderful mp3s are available to download at these following sites:
iTunes, Napster, MyCokeMusic, Woolworths, 7 Digital Media, Playlouder, MSN Music, Big Noise Music, HMV, Virgin, Tesco, Tiscali Music, Sonic Selector, Wanadoo,,, KarmaDownload, Wippit, The Music Engine Service, Bleep, easyMusic

Direct links:
musicstore, o2online,, packardbell, 7digital

Here is also a handy link to a BBC page explaining downloading.
The downloads vary in price between 77p and 99p, depending on the site. Some sites are wma files, some mp3s, and they also differ in bitrates available. Some sites also need you to sign up and download their software before you can view the files, and of course each site has it's own different rules regarding what you can do with the downloaded files and whether they are yours to keep or only work as long as you subscribe- read the site's information before you download.

Addition: EMI have announced that Gotta Be A Sin Single version and Single edit will be added to this Extra Wonderful download series in the coming weeks.

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