Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wolfmen Jackie Says EP review

Wolfmen Jackie Says EP review

You'll all have heard these songs on the myspace site or website. If you have, and especially if you haven't, you still need to own them on a piece of 10" vinyl or downloads. Why? Because they're GREAT songs!
These are the final studio mixes, not the demos that are available on the freeby sites.

Jackie Says- "Jackie Says hold on tight, Jackie says no need to fight"

This is a perfect single, a real grower with a great video to go with it, featuring Dave Whiteing as the barman (you remember him, he was the bloke in Stand and Deliver who gets robbed and then sentences Adam to hang!). Features excellent guitar playing from the man who we all know is London's best guitar player and man who was there when punk happened, Marco Pirroni, and Harmonica, bass and vocals from Chris Constantinou. Chris is a great singer, sometimes he sounds like Bowie, sometimes he sounds like Adam Ant, sometimes he sounds like the rocker he is!

All Nighter- another great pop song, this one is produced by ex Ant Chris 'Merrick' Hughes, featuring Mr Constantinou's harmonica playing and more Pirroni mastery on the guitar.

Needle in the Camel's Eye - this is my favourite, a fantastic cover, this one also features production by Chris Hughes who also drums.
I didn't know the original (Brian Eno), but i love this version and the original both now.

If You Talk Like That - Another stormer! If you're not convinced by now that this is a great band, then there's no hope for you, put your money away now!

Overall this is a great EP and showcases some bloody good songs, which in my opinion piss all over most bands around at the moment. Two old pro's show they have more than what it takes to write bloody good songs, and Marco at last is out of semi retirement and showing everyone what a fucking ace guitar player he always was frankly. No more waiting around for Adam, Marco is back again playing those ringing guitars and thank the Lord for that I say!
Let's hope we don't have to wait too long for an album!

Jackie says is released on August 14th 2006 by Damaged Goods

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