Thursday, July 06, 2006

Desperate But Not Serious (And another Chris Constantino Interview)

Here we have Marco's comments on Desperate but not Serious, me normal text, Marco italics.

Who wrote what with Desperate but not Serious?

It was based on an old demo called "Manzanera" which was inspired by the intro to Prairie Rose by Roxy Music, I can't remember who came up with what.

You don't like Why Do Girls Like Horses do you?

I never said I didn't like it, I thought it was ok

Desperate didn't do that well in the charts- why do you think this was?

Coz it wasn't really a single

Desperate -was it basically an album track that was released as a single?


Why was Place in the Country released as a single in America?

I never knew it was.

Another storyboarded video for this too- did you enjoy the roles Adam gave you in the videos?

I hate doing videos,they are boring and cost so much FUCKING MONEY!!!!
I hate the the fact that one video costs way more than an album to make,
if you were me you would look just as pissed off,it costs me vast amounts of money to do something I HATE!

So there we have it!

Chris Constantino has done another interview, this time for Cartrouble's website, here.

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