Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Today I am listening to the Remasters series, it really is a great box. I played Friend or Foe earlier and am on Strip now.
If you don't yet own this box set with the first 3 Ants Albums added to make 7 CDs, then how can you call yourself an Ant fan?
And AntBox. And B Side Babies.
Get those and you have almost the complete Ants output.

Oh look over there >>>>> links to those albums!!

What would be missing I hear you ask? Tsk! Ant fans know that already, but to remind you, well there are still a few Ant gems not on CD anywhere. Lady (the original 7" version). Apollo 9 Orbit Mix (I've always loved that version). Press Darlings, now whilst this isn't on either the Remasters or B Side Babies, it IS on Super Hits and US (and a few other foreign) versions of Kings. Plus the 12" mixes of Strip, Puss n Boots and Vive le Rock.

This is a fantastic idea in my opinion. Hopefully Sony are seriously considering it and will be able to do it like this. There have been a few singles box sets already- Duran Duran have 2, Blondie have one, Depeche Mode have 6! And this would eliminate those few missing b sides and remixes and have them all in 2 little boxes. If Duran Duran can do it, why can't the Ants?
Come on Sony!!

Me out for the day!

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