Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Carty remix appears on DMC DJ ONLY Remix Package CD!

Carty's Rachel Stevens vs Adam remix has been included on the November 2005 issue of the DMC DJ Only remix package.
It's the opening track on the 2nd CD of Issue 264 of their Commercial Collection.


This is a great remix, and has already been featured on a blog like this (And in fact it was that blog posting that inspired me to start this one!)

We were all amazed to hear the original song at first because it is SO Adam and the Ants it's unreal!
Marco has also heard the remix and gave it the thumbs up!

DMC have been producing remixes and mixes for DJ's in their clubs and on their radio shows since 1983.
They invented the word "megamix".
The way it works is this, DJ's all over the world subscribe to DMC (Disco Mix Club) to recieve these mixes every month. They have to pay for the priviledge. Back ten years ago I was paying £20/month.
Sometimes, these mixes gain so much interest that the record companies (who also recieve them) release the odd track. Some have been chart hits as remixes.
Some get to #1 (but that was by another UK DJ remix organisation).
The remixers featured on these albums are all big names in the club/DJ world and getting on them is tough.
I asked Marco if either of the two UK organisations had contacted him or Sony for permission to do a mix like the one I had just completed. He said no, but added why not send mine in.

Edit: Sorry I thought this was a magazine, it's not.
I am being spanked at the moment!

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Carty said...

If you want a copy of this double CD, then contact Carty.

You'd better be quick though as these are not repressed when they sell out.

You cannot buy these unless you are a DJ, and you will get them 25% cheaper than anyone else.

I will not mention the price here, but feel free to ask around the forums.