Sunday, November 06, 2005

More Cartrouble and Kick

Cartrouble Electric Ballroom 22nd May 1980

Kick Electric Ballroom 22nd May 1980

Ok it's quietened down a little here, I've been watching the entire LOST series on dvd and I thought perhaps I should slow it down a bit.
The DVD will be with us soon and Carty will soon have his new Marco interview ready to read on his website.
In the meantime, here for your pleasure are 2 more live versions of Cartrouble and Kick from the first gig of the Ants Invasion tour 1980.

Coming soon a few more mp3s and then onto Kings. And Marco's comments about Cartrouble and Kick. This single was the first pairing of Adam and Marco and the first use of the Burundi influenced double drums, and was made before they were able to go and record their first masterpiece, Kings of the Wild Frontier.

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