Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mooney, Miall and Mantra II!

I have some hot exclusive news from Mantra II, (These Guys )

We can today release some most excellent news for fans of Mantra II, and Adam & The Ants.

It has now been confirmed that the Mantra-Ant link will strengthen upon the release of the album “Werewolves of London”, available March 2006.

And here’s the buzz: Terry Lee Miall and Kevin Mooney will record together for the first time in 24 years as they guest on an all new Mantra II track to be included on the album. (Track title yet to be announced).

The recording sessions will take place from December 3rd 2005.

Werewolves of London was originally planned to be a single, however the production of the animated promo has taken longer than estimated.

We have recorded more tracks in the mean time so we thought, “what the hell, album no. 2!” This album will be focussed on the punk/post punk/new romantic sound that Mantra II have developed, whereas “This is called Fantasy” was more of a mix of ideas.
Formulative if you like. (But still fab!)

Two tracks which have very much crossed over will be included on the new album:
The “Single Version” of Werewolves of London (featuring Marco P. And Chris Constantinou of course) and (Chant) Mantra 2 (Carty’s brand new “Filthy” mix on which he has totally re-recorded the music and used his magic to mix it with Catboy’s original vocals)

The album should total 12 tracks. All up-tempo punk/post punk-pop which will appeal to generation x’ers and millennium trash alike.

We will release some snippets and stuff for the careful perusal/reviewing-ness of Music For a Future Age & Carty's Site when we get closer to release date.

M2 over and out for now.

Mantra 2's debut album This is called Fantasy is available on (Here) and on (Here) , and to buy in all good music stores!

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