Tuesday, November 08, 2005

And keep your feet off the upholstery Ronnie!

Ok, today is the final post about Cartrouble and Kick.
We have Marco's thoughts on them and I will post some more mp3s of both songs later in the week, so watch this space. Cartrouble and Kick are both well loved Ant songs and Kick especially always sounds great live with the 2 drummers pounding away, even if it does give the singer and guitar player a right headache!

Coming soon, Kings of the Wild Frontier, but for now, Marco on the first truly great sounding Ant single.

Mini Marco interview:

Tell me about the making of Cartrouble and Kick, why you chose those songs, and what you did to make them what they were- they were the first to feature the prominent drumming (with Jon Moss). Was it a test before you went to make Kings?

Yeah that's exactly what it was especially kick. Cartrouble didn't really lend itself to that, we just did a souped version of that, I liked the original version but it was a bit stark which is what they were going for, but i thought we could do a bigger sounding version.

Who's idea was it to do the 2 drum bits on Kick?

Adam's, But Chris worked it all out and Jon played it.

What role did Chris Hughes play?

He produced it, we told him our ideas and what we wanted to archive and he organized our thoughts into practical actions, for instance I had that Chinese two note chord riff in my head but I didn't know where to put it, Chris said put it in the third verse and outro.

What did you think of Jon Moss and his drum bits?

Jon was great, no problems with him at all, but we thought something wasn't right but couldn't put our finger on it, I still don't know exactly what was up but he wasn't well.

Why did Adam change the lyrics to Kick?

He never liked the original lyrics and wanted to start using the new lyrical ideas he had.

And what do you think of both songs now?

I still like Cartrouble but I don't like the mix on Kick.

Thanks as always to Marco for his time.

Addition: For some reason I got 2 emails off Marco, one went to my spam folder for some reason, and I only just saw it. Here's what he said in the other mail! :

We chose Cartrouble because it was my fav track off Dirk and I couldn't understand why it was in two parts, Adam chose Kick because he had never liked the lyrics and it was short enough to stick an intro and new middle 8 into.
These sessions was the first time we had ever met Chris Hughes. The story of how he came to be involved is long and too complicated to go into here, and I didnt even know it, till a few months ago till he told me.
The week before we went into the studio I was in bed with food poisioning so I had never even met Ian or Max at that point.
Jon was a friend of mine so I think I must have given Adam the number and he called him. Unbeknownst to me Jon had been having "problems" but to honest we never noticed, but he later told me that there were funny things going on in his head ,but he played great and was his normal good natured self.

Thats all we have time for today as I must go as I ve got some rissoloes on the stove!

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