Friday, August 04, 2006

Strip/ Yours Yours Yours

Marco on Strip and Yours Yours Yours.
Me normal Text, Marco italics.

Strip: the first Ant song to feature vocals by anyone else (Frida from ABBA). Who's idea was it to add the female backing vocals?


How did you get Frida to do it?

We got Benny to ask her.

What did you think of the whole water tank idea in Adam's stage show at this time?

I thought we were all going to get killed.

Why were there no UK gigs/ shows for the Strip album?


Strip the single got to number 41 in the UK charts and the album didn't chart very high - were you and Adam disappointed at this?


Why were Chris and Bob Wiczling not on Strip?

Because they were planning to kill us and take our places.

How much had your life changed in 1983? What do you remember from 1983 mostly?

We both started going with an enormous amount of girls and most of our time was spent doing that and avoiding tax.

Who wrote what for Strip the song?

It was based on a very old demo, that Adam had done most of, so we dusted that off and reworked it.

Yours Yours Yours- who wrote what for this song?

very much a 50/50 to and fro type thing.

Again was this specially written for the b side?


What were you listening to and what influenced the music for Strip the album?

Abba and "The Idiot"


betty said...

Sweet! thanks for posting the video too. because they were going to kill us.

Anonymous said...

The UK gigs were cancelled because they couldn't get insurance for the water tank stunt. The dates were definitely booked as I had a ticket. I never got an explanation for the cancellation at the time - only found out years later when I read it in AntBook.