Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mantra 2 and Terry Lee Miall Interview!

Ok folks, here it is, an EXCLUSIVE interview with Mantra 2 main man Matt and Terry Lee Miall!


How did you get involved in Mantra 2?
met matt at the ants convention and just hit it off right away. He sent me the demo of a track and was i interested in playing on the album and of course i said yes

What is your favourite song on the album?
i love angels reminds me of the time period i was playing with the ants

Do you have any plans to drum for anyone else?
not right now i'm very much involved in the family business

What else are you up to musically? What happened to Mag 7?
Mag 7 is still going but everyone in the band is so busy with work or family it's really taken a back seat for everyone right now.

Have you been keeping up to date with the Ant stuff (remasters, book due soon, etc)?
i must be honest and say i haven't

Are you involved in the tv documentary that is being made about Adam at the moment?
That's news to me. Who's making it ?

Do you keep in touch with any ex Ants or Adam at all?
marco is the only one iv'e been in touch with recently

What do you think of myspace
brilliant idea

Have you seen my blogsite? (Music For A Future Age)?
embarassingly not

Do you have a message I can post on there for fans.....
Thanks for all the support over the years in keeping the Ants thing going... CHEERS

Have you heard any Wolfmen stuff? (What do you think if you have)
havent't heard anything yet. Tried to down load from their website a while back but no joy

Did Marco ALWAYS hate touring?
Marco used to love touring when we were in the models but that was the first tour we did together back in 77 but after tour after tour after tour can become a strain on anyone

What were the Ants like on tour- ie what was Adam like, what was Chris like, etc......
everyone was great. We loved to visit the local sites and clubs in the evening

What is your favourite Ant memory?
dont really have one but loved the early tours the best and what a rush meeting Kevin at the last convention for the first time since 1981

Did you see The Madness of Prince Charming? You were the only Ant (Apart from Tibbs) who wasn't on that- why?
no one had my new e-mail address or my new mobile number. Shame because i would have loved to have done it.

If Adam called you up and said we're reforming- what would you say? Is it now too late?
Are you kiddng i would do it at the drop of a hat. Playing with those guys would be excellent

What plans do you have for Mantra 2? Live? More recordings? etc..
Well, my immediate plans are to fuck off on holiday! I need a rest man, 2006 has been absolutely fucking bonkers so far! Looking forward to a good break. And then we’ll be looking at the next step. Possibly more recordings yeah.

Are you pleased with the album?
Yeah, well chuffed. It’s a more focussed record than the first one, sticking to the genre. Although Fantasy is also something I’m really proud of.

How long did it take to write and record?
Well, basically it’s been a work in progress ever since we released Fantasy, so 18 Months or so. Bladdy hell that’s a long time!

Are there any plans to play live with Terry?
Well, Terry really DOES want to play live. But the cartoon band-ness makes it a bit more complicated! Maybe we will. It’s a case of never say never.

What was Marco's contribution to the album- did he do his parts in the studio or by post?
We just email WAVS back and forth. It’s a great way to be able to work, wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago.

When will the video for Werewolves of London be ready?
That’s a sore point at the moment! It was supposed to be done now. It’s a bit daft having our “promo” video come out after the album. But the animators have been dragging their feet I’m afraid. They’ve promised it within the next Month.

Why are there 2 versions (you also covered the song on the first album)?
Because it was originally going to be a single, but as the animation process is extremely long winded, we ended up recording a whole new album!

Why did you cover that song?
Well, that was Marco's idea actually. It was originally planned to be a WOLFMEN track, but we nabbed it!

How does this album compare to the last one?
Well, as I touched on earlier, this album sticks to our post-punk / new-romantic / electro-ness(!!), whereas Fantasy had a meandering style including rockier tracks, and finishing with acoustic styles.

Finally, both: What plans do you have for the future and what else are you working on if anything musically?

Well, I have to work on the release of another artists album (Hollie James) through Alexa when I get back off holiday. Alexa is growing as a label, which is nice. Also I do a lot of consultancy work in the midlands, helping out new talent, advising, mentoring, that sort of thing. We’ve got a new project coming up in the Autumn, so its all go!


Anonymous said...

It's 2:33am in the USA and 20+ years later I'm still up past my bedtime trolling for Adam & the Ants 'anything'. (gotta love the internet)

Terry - you're still looking too damn hot for your own good, babe. Great to hear you're still making music.

Love to see a reunion of the Ants; a second coming if you will. Take care, God Bless.


Kat said...

Thanks for the interview. Liked it a lot!

Lucas Griffiths said...

Terry Lee Miall is a great piece of Adam and the Ants past history, im a massive fan of the group rather than Mr Ant tho solo performer, but don't get me wrong i do love Adam's work but as a bloke, well a teen lad back then, i always prefered Adam and the Ants.. I and plenty others, would love a reunion of some type, oh my god yeah.. but i doubt it'll ever happen!! my facebook page dedicated to Adam and the Ants.. love 2terry lee & all the ex ants xx Paul Jack Griffiths xx