Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Digital Tenderness

Ok bad news about this, unfortunately it has been cancelled. A dvd will possibly appear sometime next year is the official word. Licensing problems. This is bad news and frustrating cos we've known about the dvd for a long time now, and to get an actual release date and then weeks before to hear it isn't to be is very irritating, but nothing can be done until it's sorted out.

Also you will have noticed that Adam's book serialisation did not appear in this sundays Mail on Sunday, It is now set to appear NEXT sunday, 3rd september.

Let's hope the book still comes out in a few weeks and the best of cd I am assured IS coming out with a bonus dvd of 8 videos.
That can be pre-ordered here.


* (asterisk) said...

This is some bogus shit, and no messin'. Yet again, Ant fans are screwed over.

Anonymous said...

The thing to remember though is that historically it's Adam, and NOT his label who 'screws over' da fanz. Adam's insistance that he has a 'career' to protect has prevented his most interesting work from appearing time and time again.

Buy another 'Greatest Hits', suckers.

The sad thing is, most of you WILL.

This is how HE, not 'the label' gets away with this shit.

Add to the mix a new 'manager' (what - who he?) who wants a 20% cut of everything (nothing to do with 'Digital Tenderness', so nothing in it for HIM) - hence yet another compiliation: "I'll negotiate it, Adam" - and you end up with what you got.

Fuck all, mugs.

Anonymous said...

it is being released on the 30th of september 2007