Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marco on Rough Stuff

I asked Marco Pirroni a few questions about Rough Stuff.
This was a difficult one because Marco didn't write it with Adam, it was an Ant/ Cymone track, and Marco came in at the end and added some guitar.
But here goes anyway!

Marco is in italics.

Ok, Rough Stuff. What input did you have on this song, it's not an Ant Marco one so I presume you came in at the end and added guitar?
yeah I can't remember what it was I played, i think its only the solo in the middle was n't it?

This was Adam's danciest song to date, what was your reaction when you heard it?
I thought it was pretty good

There were a few remixes of it too, were you part of those or were they remixed later without anything from you?
I don't think I ever heard any of them.

I am guessing that because Can't Set Rules About Love didn't do much in the charts that is why it wasn't released in the uk, only in the US and Germany?
Do you have any info on that?
No idea, i was out of the loop on this one.

I admit I can't think of anything else to ask about this one!
I can't think of what to say about it.

Good video, the remixes are better than the album version.....

And that's about it for Rough Stuff. I've never liked the album version, always preferred the remix that accompanies the video.

Only a few singles left to go!

Here anyway are the videos to Can't Set Rules About Love and Rough Stuff.

Until next time!

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