Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Marco on Can't Set Rules About Love

I asked Marco a few questions about this single in our nearly finished series on the Ant singles.
Marco is in italics.

Can't Set Rules About Love- How was this written and when?
Written at the Wall Studios in the same batch as the rock and roll Manners and Physique, Young Dumb And Full Of It, Anger Inc. and others.

What influenced the music?
It was sort influenced by the music from Mishima by Phillip Glass which has since been used in the Truman show, it wasn't ripped off as it isn't really like it but it was in the back of our minds.

You've said that you didn't think that the b sides (How To Steal The World and Brand New Torso) were good enough for the album- what did they lack in yours and Adam's eyes? What was wrong with them that they were left off?
Hard to say, just didn't grab us in same way, they weren't instant enough.

Would you have done a tour for Manners and Physique if Adam had have wanted to do one?
I was already on the road with Sinead (O'Connor) at the time, I certainly wouldn't have wanted to come off one tour and straight into another one.

You played Room at the Top and Young Dumb and Full of it in 1993, do you think they sounded better with a full band?
Not really, i prefer the recorded versions, I always do, I am not one of these "its better live' bores, as you well know.

Would the whole album have been played like that if you'd have toured it?
Probably not, we would have got a keyboard player to recreate the synth parts

As an album, how do you rate Manners now?
I do like some of the Ant/Marco songs, some of the production has dated but that's unavoidable with any album.

Do you think it gets the credit it deserves?
No probably not.

Was it the right time for Adam to 'go dance'?
There is never a right or wrong time to do things, depends on your mood and what it is you feel like doing.

Finally what's your favourite song from Manners and why?
Rules about love coz i like the melancholy feel of it.

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Dirtyharry said...

Thanks for that Steve. A really enjoyable read! It's nice to see you posting here again.....

All of the interviews from the "nearly finished series" of the Ant singles should be posted up on your site.