Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I would really like to know what you're opinion of this blogsite is.
I have been thinking lately that I want to post and write about stuff other than The Ants, but at the same time stuff that is kind of related if not directly related.
Therefore I would post/ write about Punk 1977, pop in the 80's, and bands/ things that both Adam Marco and the other Punks were interested in and influenced by. Hence David Bowie, Roxy Music, Alice Cooper, all of that would be included..........

Please email me your thoughts, do you like what you've seen so far? Do you have any suggestions? Any complaints? Any ideas? Any requests?
It's hard to know when you get no feedback whether anyone is reading (I know that you ARE because i get statistics that tell me a lot of people have been reading!) but I only get a couple of people ever post any comments at me, so it's a little like talking to yourself!

Anyway, email me at OR leave a comment if you want to remain anonymous!




Seán said...

Great site!! You & Carty are doing an excellent job, even if no one tells you! I'm a reader not a commentator & this is my first ever comment to anyone on the net- so feel honoured!
I would class myself as an O.A.P. (Old Age Punk) and would be interested in hearing stories & info from the early days.
I love to hear all the early Ant and Ant related music you have, especially the live bootlegs which I do not have many. I’m still a fan after nearly 30 years, through the good and not so good times.
For about 5 years I would listen to nothing but Adam and bored my family to bits. Slowly I began to get into other music and now have a vast collection of songs, but the Ants are still my first love.
Anyway, enough muttering -keep up the good work...

* (asterisk) said...

Guess I'm a fairly longtime reader and have commented a few times. For me, the Ants stuff is my reason for visiting, and to be honest I'm not that interested in stuff that's not Ants, simply because I don't care for Roxy, Bowie etc. Pistols, sure, but I feel that stuff is everywhere and hackneyed now. I like stuff other than the Ants, obviously, just not all that old stuff!

It's good to see the short Q&As with Marco and the likes, though.

Great job overall, but for me there is a danger of you losing your USP if you diversify too much.