Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Room At The Top - Marco's Comments

Continuing with the series of asking
Marco Pirroni questions about each of the singles,
I now bring you Room At The Top.
Me in normal, Marco in italics.

Who wrote what for Room at the Top?

I came up with the main intro which was nicked from Laibach's version
of 1 after 909 ,Andre and I worked with the whole groove of the song,
Adam came in an hour or so later with the lyrics, we then
constructed a verse and a chorus, I think i jammed around the mid 8 and
guitar solo and then all of us honed it down into a track.

This was quite a radical change for Adam and you,
dance music.
How did you feel about it?

I was excited about it, it wasn't anything
i had ever done before so
it was a

How was Andre Cymone to work with?

Really great, I love Andre, I wish I could see him more often.

It had been 5 years between this and Vive le Rock- (1985-1990)- what
did you do in that time?
We had been working non-stop for 5 or 6 years before and i wanted to
take stock and see where i was in my life and what i wanted to do next.

Did you play on the b side Bruce Lee?
I think I did i just replaced some of Andre's parts with an edgier
sound and attitude.

Where was Manners and Physique recorded?

Sunset Sound L.A

You didn't appear in any videos from this point on- why was that?

Well it had to be focused on Adam and i really didn't feel I needed
to be in everything.
I was also tired of performing,
it doesn't come
natural to me.

Manners has less of you on than any of the previous albums,
so I am guessing that this album was less of a
collaboration than the previous albums?

This was mostly Andre and Adam's album,
i had to work part time on it
as Sinead (O'Connor) was shaping up to be the biggest artist
Worldwide that year
and she was taking up the bulk of my time,
I would fly in on weekends
off, do my bits and fly off again.

There was also no tour for this album- was one planned at all?
Not that i know of, I was unavailable for the forthcoming year due to
touring commitment with Sinead, I made this clear so no touring was
ever discussed with me.

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