Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Q Magazine reviews, Uncut Magazine Interview, and Slapdash Eden Myspace site

These are both from the latest edition of Q magazine.
Coming later will be Adam interviewed in Uncut magazine.
Andi 'Binliner' Vaughan, the man behind Slapdash Eden, has started a Myspace site. So far he has some exclusive recollections from John Dowie, and some rare photo's. Go check it out!

This is from this month's Uncut Magazine.

(Scans by Miss Caroline Richards, and borrowed before I managed to buy my own copies to scan, from the antlib website.)

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Jan K said...

Thanx for sharing this. These are great news from Adam. And, all the new stuff (Book, Audiobook)is ordered. Let´s hope, that there´ll be a DVD release come soon. God bless MR Ant and his fans.
Greetz from Hamburg, Germany