Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Marco answers Wolfmen questions from the studio, and more Adam extracts from the forthcoming book.....

I asked Marco a few questions about the album the Wolfmen are currently recording in the studio.

How's it going in the studio?
Slow but sure

How many songs have you recorded?
About 6/7 but we've made a start on about 12

Do you have any preview titles?

How many songs do you plan to put on the album?

Do you have a title for the album yet?
Modernity Killed Every Night

What song are you going to release as a single - Karma Sutra?
We're thinking about it, it's mastered and ready to go, maybe in new year.

Will all of the Jackie Says EP and the single be on the album, or just a couple of tracks IE Jackie says and Kama Sutra?
I dont want to put all of the EP on it, I think thats a bit of a rip-off; what tracks will apear will be different versions or at least remixes

Are there going to be any more cover versions?
There's a few numbers I'd like to try: "Telephone call" by Kraftwerk, "Only after dark" Mick Ronson, "Homosapian" Pete Shelly .We may make these available as downloads.

Will Do the Ostrich be on the album or single?
We have to ask Lou Reed, like all geniuses he can be "difficult" but he has that right.

And the book publishers have posted some extracts from the forthcoming Stand and Deliver book here.


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