Monday, May 29, 2006

I want those who get to know me........

Ok readers, we have another installment of Marco tells it like it is!
This week we're onto Friend or Foe and Jaunito the Bandito.
Enjoy! (Me normal text, Marco italics)

Who wrote what with Friend or Foe?

Fairly equal, I think Ads came in with the four note verse bassline as we used that as a starting point.

There are 2 demos available, and my first thoughts when I heard them were wow, what a strange sounding song. Was it difficult to write?

Not at all, it came together really quickly.

I read that you said that once you had the twangy guitar bit it all worked?

Yeah before that it was a weird combo of Rolf Harris and "out of the blue" by Roxy Music.

It's got a lot more drums on this - most of Friend or Foe the album has more
prominent drums- was this a reaction to losing the drums to an extent on Prince Charming (the album) ?

No we never thought about that at all.

Friend or Foe to my knowledge was never played live- why is this, is it because it is too difficult to play live?

We did do it live.
(Note oops, well I only went on what setlists are available! Would love to hear it live...)

Juanito the Bandito- do you play all the guitars on this?


The old Ants did this as a full band- who's idea was it do this (and Why do Girls Love Horses and Sex Rumples) as just a duo?

We didnt think about it, it was just the way we did demos.

Who chose those songs to record- Adam?

I think we both did.

Did he put any other songs forward for recording?

No I dont think so.

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