Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Extra Wonderful!

HOT off the Press, just received from Marco who says this is the first HE has heard of it too!


‘Extra Wonderful’

Release date: 26 June 2006

This is the companion to Adam Ant's 1995 album 'Wonderful' and is a must-have for all Antpeople! As well as b-sides from the long-since unavailable vinyl and cassette single formats of the single 'Wonderful', there are three remixes taken from a US single promo.Also included are b-sides from the 'Beautiful Dream' and 'Gotta Be A Sin' singles.

For early Ant fans, the accompanying 7 live tracks recorded at the Shepherd's Bush Empire gig in 1995 are a real treat - these include brilliantly fresh re-renderings of tracks 'Desperate But Not Serious', 'Cartrouble', and 'Dog Eat Dog', plus the classic ‘Physical’, infamously covered by Nine Inch Nails at the time.Also newly available are the digital video downloads for the three singles 'Wonderful', 'Gotta Be A Sin' and 'Beautiful Dream'.

Digital Download (2 Components)
Component 1
1. Wonderful (Clearmountain Mix) (Unedited)
2. Goes Around
3. Norman
4. Woman Love Run Through Me
5. If
6. Phoenix
7. Wonderful (AC Mix)
8. Wonderful (Hot AC Mix)
9. Wonderful (Remix)
10. Beautiful Dream (Single Remix)
11. Let's Have A Fight
12. Billy Boy
13. Shake Your Hips
14. Beautiful Dream (Lucas Full Length Mix)
15. Beautiful Dream (Lucas Master Mix)
Component 2
1. Cleopatra (Live)
2. Beat My Guest (Live)
3. Red Scab (Live)
4. Desperate But Not Serious (Live)
5. Car Trouble (Live)
6. Physical (You're So) (Live)
7. Dog Eat Dog (Live)
(at No: 366 3745)

Video Downloads

‘Wonderful’ (Cat No: 366 3635)
‘Beautiful Dream’ (Cat No: 366 3645)
‘Gotta Be A Sin’ (Cat No: 366 3625)


*alli said...

that's right after my birthday!...could a girl ask for a better present?...thanks for the heads up, steve!

Anonymous said...

Damn! I was expecting something we hadn't got already ;o)


Anonymous said...

yeah, just the same old stuff most fans allready have :-/

*alli said...

but it's nice that the industry is recognizing there is a demand... and although many of us do already have these tracks, there are many out there that do not...

steve said...

it would have been better as an cd release