Friday, April 07, 2006

More Ant Rap and A.N.T.S

Was there ever a demo of Antrap?

What was Adam listening to at the time- ie what influenced Antrap?
Prince Charles (the proto rapper)

Where did he get the idea for it from? Or did he just decide "I want to do a rap!"?
Rap didn't really exist then as we know it now.

Were you suprised that it went to number 3 in the charts?
Not particularly

Did you get more recognised in the street after that came out, seeing as you were name checked in the song and in the video?
It did give men in vans something to shout out and its still very popular with drunks in nightclubs

Where did the ideas for the drums come from for it? Who thought up the rhythm?
Adam and Chris

Bonus q's about A.N.T.S: Adam did this with the old Ants- did you like it?
Never heard it by the old ants

Why was it given away to Flexi disc magazine and not used as a b side?
Why not?

Did you know it STILL appears on ebay as "rare hard to find", yet I saw about 4 of them on ebay the other day!

No I didn't and it does give me sleepless nights wondering whether its on ebay or not, thank you so much for clearing that up for me.


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