Monday, April 24, 2006

Goody Two Shoes/ Red Scab

Marco's comments on Goody Two Shoes. He's in italics as ever, and I'm normal text! Enjoy!

Why was Goody Two Shoes recorded and produced by Chris Hughes but not the album Friend or Foe?

I can't answer that at the moment as I want to go Chris's party in a few weeks, after that I'll publicly insult him and his work for all the world to see, I like doing things like that.

Had the Ants split up when these 2 tracks were recorded or before?

We had already split.

Who wrote what music wise of Goody Two Shoes?

Ads came up with the main riff which I altered slightly, i stuck the chords behind it and we both did the key changes.

Was the album version completely re-recorded or just the drums re-done?


Red Scab- the bit at the end "Hey Marco what's all the noise huh?", what's that all about?

It's Adam's impersonation of my Mum.


Carty said...

Great questions!

I wish I had thought of them!

Oh hang on...I did!

Patrick said...

Hooray! Are there possibly any live-mp3s of these songs coming up? ;P