Saturday, February 11, 2006

Marco on Antmusic, Fall In and Dog Eat Dog, and some more pics

Antmusic/ Fall in: By Antmusic you'd obviously been working away on the album and were hitting your stride, how easy again was Antmusic to write and record?

Although it's hard to split these things up, the verse and intro are Adam's and the chorus was mine; the rest was ours ,although I fully admit that the guitar solo is Adam's but I played it and added all the stops and scrapes. Recording it was hard again because we were trying to find the style, the drums were orginally more straight ahead and it sounded like TREX, no bad thing but we were trying to get something which nobody had heard before but using familiar elements.

Why are there 2 versions of Antmusic btw?

Not sure, I guess we weren't happy with the mix.

Fall In, another ants old, your thoughts on that?
It went down well with fans of the old Ants live.

yeah I liked that number, it was fun to do, simple to play. I only found out later that was an old Monochrome Set song and co-written by Tom Hardy

Antmusic is much more like The Sweet and them glitter/ glam rock bands of the 70s.

Really? hmm no not an influence at all.

How did you write dog eat dog, there is no demo?

There was a demo, but we recorded over it. It was even more basic than our usual demos, not much more than a sketch really, as we wrote in the studio as an after thought.
we never took away cassetes or anything ,we immmediately started recording.
we wrote the song, did the demo in around an 2 hours, played it a few times, thought about it, talked about it and then played it to Chris, who created the drum loop the track is based on and we started overdubbing.

These pics are from Nils Stevenson's Vacant Book, thanks to CherryBomb for scanning them.

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