Sunday, February 12, 2006

I wanna get physical, physical........

I asked Marco some questions about Physical and a little bit of punk. Marco is in italics.


This has long been an Ant fans favourite. I take it you like it quite a bit. Your version was much heavier than the original Ants version- was that a conscious decision by you or Adam or both?

we never discussed it, I just played that way

You put a very good guitar feedback solo on it too- did you feel that that was what the song was lacking?

All Adam ever said was "this is a fuck song" and never made any other comments about it,
we never thought about it and that's what I felt like doing at the end so thats what I did

Adam was obviously very pleased about it because he says "You better listen to Marco"- how did you feel about Adam saying that and mentioning you in other songs?

As long as people didn't think we were gay I thought it was great!

What do you think of NIN's version of the song?

er...its alright, slightly diferent take on it and that's always interesting, to see what others would do.

You recently re-did the song with Carty/ Chris- how did that go and what did you think of the result?

dunno can't remember was it any good?

What's your favourite Stooges song and why?

Search and Destroy also I got a right -
great fuck off rock and roll

Why do you like the Velvet Underground so much?

Great songs played very simply, they also talked about city life in a no-bullshit way,
also Lou's feedback stuff was a total eye-opener for me.

When did you first hear them?

After I heard "Transformer" I got everything I could get hold of, (not much at the time)

Is there anything in your record collection that I might not expect (for instance John Lydon said in 1996 he had some Joan Armatrading records!)

Phillip Glass/Wendy Carlos/Peggy Lee/lots of disco-hi energy/
"I feel love" the greatest dance track ever made

What are you having for breakfast?

nothing, housekeepers day off, I'm going out for lunch now

Do you miss being in the 80s?

NO? What a strange question for sunday morning?
It wasn't that good besides my time is my own now and I dont have to do anything I don't want to.
I now know what sunday mornings are like, I never saw any in the 80s


Carty said...

Loved it! Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

hi steve, great job you're doin' here! well, anyway, i tried some links but they wont work. for example

formicula ]:)

SteveAnt said...

Hi Formi, yes sorry some of the older mp3 links don't work anymore because i deleted them by mistake, but I will reupload them later on.