Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wolfmen Modernity Killed Every Night Music For A Future Age Review

The Wolfmen - Modernity Killed Every Night (DAMGOOD 308) Released September 1st 2008.

Track listing:

CD Album

1. Needle In The Camels Eye
2. Jackie Says
3. Cecilie
4. While London Sleeps
5. Love Is A Dog
6. Up All Nighter
7. Better Days
8. Wak This Bass
9. Buzz Me Kate
10. If You Talk Like That
11. Je T'aime Madame
12. Karma Sutra (Remix) (Download only from itunes and Damaged Goods)

It's finally arrived! The album Wolfmen fans have been waiting for.
If you've been paying attention then you've already got the Jackie Says EP, the Kama Sutra Single, the Cecilie Single, the Needle In The Camels Eye single, and even the download of Two Eyes with Daler Mehndi.
Daler isn't featured on this CD, that will come later this year.
But what IS on this CD is all essential for Wolfmen/ Marco fans.

It's a delight to see Marco making music again after a long period of semi silence, and Chris is an excellent singer/ songwriter and perfect partner for Marco to work with.
He has a great ear for pop songs and for what will work, and he has one of the world's best guitarists/ songwriters to work with. Marco of course helped Adam Ant to reach pop stardom, and also helped Sinead O'Connor in her early career.
Not for nothing do stars look to Marco for guitar work on their songs!

The album opens with guitar feedback from Mr Pirroni, and what better a start?
Ants fans should also know that opener Needle and Up All Nighter feature ex Ant Chris Hughes on drums and in the producer's chair. Needles, the Eno cover, is a stormer of a track.
Next is the remixed version of Jackie Says, which has a classic melody and perfect chorus- if you aren't singing the chorus and wondering where this band have been for 20 years then you should unplug you're CD player/ Ipod and do us all a favour! Listen out for Chris' excellent Harmonica throughout the track.
Cecilie is one of the best songs I have ever heard, no lie. I heard this over a year ago when they visited the US for some promotion on the radio, and was blown away.
While London Sleeps is next, another slow one that is similar to Cecilie in tempo, another love song, "Sweet dreams of paradise with you". Ah, London!!
Love is a Dog from hell Chris tells us next, in another mid tempo rocker with more stunning guitar work from Mr Pirroni.
Up All Nighter picks up the tempo next, leading to the first new one (if you've been paying attention and bought the EPs and singles), Better Days. This is possibly going to be the next single, and a great choice it would be. This is another great pop song, surely the UK charts are there for the taking?!
"Don't need your pills doctor all I need are better days", never a truer word sang!
Wak This Bass is the fastest song on the album, "Hey boss get off of my case cos you're making me feel like dirt". Who hasn't felt like that?
Buzz Me kate, "I'm in love with a photograph of you, I'll deep sea dive you all night long, Buzz me Kate I'll be your back door man". Chris is big on love and the desire to be up all night with you!
But be warned, 'If you talk like that you better step up and fight". Last one from the Jackie Says EP, given a brighter sheen by Alan Moulder here.
Lastly we have Je T'aime Madame, we meet a french girl on a sunday in London by St Paul's and stroll through the moonlit city and go back to her flat. In love again!

The album features all 4 of the songs from the first EP, but in a remixed form, and they are better for it, though I have to be honest in 2 respects: I prefer the original mix of Needle, it's heavier, and I wasn't sure at first about them having all 4 of the EP's tracks on the album. I think it would have been better to have just had 2, making the Jackie Says EP even more of a must have. But that said, this is an excellent introduction to a band you MUST hear. If you're an Adam and the Ants fan, you have no excuse. You don't HAVE to like them, but you'd be deaf if you didn't!

The album is full of Love, London, and great pop songs with a killer guitar player- what more could you want?

The Wolfmen have been playing a few select gigs in London, keep a watch on their Myspace site and catch them live where they have also been performing another Daler Mehndi collaboration, Thieves and Liars.

Link to buy the album and other releases: Damaged Goods


Anonymous said...

hi steve got the cd yesterday it's a great debut,but like you i was a bit disapointed with all 4 tracks from 1st ep plus it has ceclile when london sleeps so thats 6 id heard already.but if you just got the cd and not the singles you would be impressed,but thats my only gripe..just got to get round to see them play now..cheers beefy

Anonymous said...

Good review... but I disagree about the track list. The Jackie Says EP was a (vinyl only?) limited run, same for Needles and Cecilie... so I think it's good to have all the tracks rounded up and packaged together to make a perfect album. Yes, it's disappointing that there's not more new stuff, but that's only because we've been spoilt by hearing so much stuff in advance.