Wednesday, July 23, 2008


There's not an awful lot going on lately.
The Wolfmen are playing live again tonight and promoting their latest single (a re-recorded version of Jackie Says b/w Nothing To Say To You, the album will follow later in August I believe.

I'm filling up the gaps in my Ants bootlegs collection thanks to a fan I finally managed to make contact with who has a bunch I don't.

'bout it for now.
I think enthusiasm for the Ant man is at a bit of a low lately, it is here too for now.

Keep watching this space though, if anything new happens, you'll read it here!


stufarq said...

Well, there's ceretainly enthusiasm here and I for one would be more than glad to see more of your bootlegs on the iPlayer. Not sure I'd have anything you don't, but I'd be more than happy to supply any missing ones, especially if there's a chance of filling some of the gaps in my own collection.

Steve said...

email me stufarq at and let me know what you've got, maybe we can trade!
I will be putting some a new boot up soon from 1981.