Friday, May 16, 2008

New Website "The Family of Noise" Launches tomorrow!

Tomorrow, 17th May, at 1pm GMT, 3pm Central US time, The Family Of Noise, a brand new fan built website and forum will be opening.
It features a discography, a bibliography, a still in progress filmology, details on each of the Ants, a well as much more to come!
It's been built slowly over the last few months by a team of people, all long time Ant fans, and has some contributions from me too.

Amy Hankins
' art work has been exclusively used for the site, as can be seen in the very cool looking banner above.
(Interview with Amy here)

An exclusive interview with a well known author of one of THE Ant books is also being put together as I write this. (No not Adam!)

So have a look and join the forum and get posting!!

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