Monday, October 30, 2006


Hi, I'm sorry it went a bit quiet here for a while.
There's not been an awful lot of news or anything to report, and i kinda lost enthusiasm for a little while. I will post more stuff on the website and here over the next few weeks.

News so far: The Wolfmen have released their first single, Kama Sutra, which you can buy as mp3s or 7" single here.
They had a launch party last tuesday, that was lots of fun.
They are off to the USA later this week for a month of promotion and radio stuff.

Adam has finished signing the books. No more signings are planned, and as for what else IS planned all I know of is the documentary which to be shown on ITV in the uk in November.

There is a Smash Hits book out which features Adam's interviews from 1981 which I posted on here a while ago, that can be bought in shops and Amazon.
This is worth getting for itself anyway if you grew up reading Smash Hits in the 80s and it is a nice reminder of a very good magazine and time, both of which I miss greatly, for the most part anyway!

The annual Ant Disco run by Madam Stan is next saturday, tickets can still be bought online, go here for information about that. As far as I know Terry Lee Miall will turn up as will Kevin Mooney again to do a dj slot later on in the evening. I shall of course be there, with lots of other motley people I have come to know and love/ hate!

And that's about it for now folks. The Remasters were re-released as Jewel packs (Dirk, kings and PC only), and the full 7 set box set is also now available, the first set of 4 and original cased ones are also still around to buy.

Adam was on radio 6 last week, go to the radio 6 website to hear it.

Marco has the questions for Vive le Rock, not sure if he will answer them before he goes to the States, he may not have time, so we will have those when he is ready. Keep checking back!

Over and out!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your lost enthusiasm. I think the sites great & check it out every couple of weeks along with Cartrouble & the official site but could never be bothered posting comments before now.


Anonymous said...

Get some great ant covers if you don't already have them at:

Anonymous said...

Love the blog! But I miss the live mp3s. Please keep posting!