Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Marco on Prince Charming/ Christian D'or

Me in normal text, Marco italics.

Prince Charming: How much of this song did you write?
Hard to say who did what on this one, it was very "organic".

Did Adam discuss the idea of the song with you?
He had a vague lyrical idea about "Bonnie Prince Charlie", bagpipers walking thru the mist was mentioned and I was thinking of the dream sequence in "Casino Royale" although I'm sure Adam had different pictures in his head.

What did you want to achieve with the song?
More fame and fortune and to try to get something odd but pop to NO.1

Do you think that as a song it works on it's own or is it part of the video, in effect a soundtrack to the video?
I'm not sure, the video didn't come first with this one or if it did it was going very different.

What did you think of the video for PC? It's one of the fans favorites.
Well I liked it at the time .

What did you think of another change in costume for Adam?
I thought good it's about time, and I liked the shoulders on the jacket.

Were you too busy being in the middle of all of this to think much about it all?
Thinking about it is what I was busy with!

Prince Charming is the beginning of not being all Burundi, did you both think it was time to do something else?
Yeah that's why it has only one big drum instead of loads of different drums

Where did the influences for Prince Charming come from?
Moari chants, (yes war canoe), bagpipes, a key chamge every verse inspired by "My Generation" ,"Lord jim" and Mo tucker type minimal yet big backbeat ,acoustic guitar as chord hook.

Christian D'or: Another old Ants song, do you have anything to say about it?
Not really I always liked it tho.


Annet said...

This blog is getting better and better! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: well done, young man!

RJMT14 said...

Nice blog....enjoyed reading the comments.

Question: Does anyone know the name of the bagpipe music that was used in 1967's Casino Royale dream sequence?

The official name is Le Chiffe's "Torture of the Mind", but was wondering if there is a name for the actual pipe music?

The truth is out there somewhere. I've had the soundtrack since 1967, and saw the Playboy pictoral the same year. Heady stuff for a seven year old.