Sunday, January 22, 2006

INXS Scans


Pete said...

Oh dear. I wonder what Marco would say to all that. I'm very surprised about the allegations of a backing band mutiny.

Miss Fierce said...

What a load of SHITE! I was ON that tour and in NO WAY did INXS blow Adam off the stage. I barely remembered them opening for Adam!

As for the crew and backing band's supposed 'mutiny', that is also shite. They (Inxs)are so full of themselves, which is why they had to do a TV show to find a singer because no known reputable singer would join them!

This just makes my blood boil.......!!!!!!!!!!

SteveAnt said...

Hello Miss Fierce

To be fair an Ant fan like yourself who was on the tour mingling with the band is hardly gonna agree with INXS.
I think it's interesting to see it from INXS's pov.
Who knows, perhaps Adam did act like that. I can believe it.....
Most support bands get treated quite badly by the main bands.

El Topo said...

I saw Inxs around this period in '83 (at the US Festival in Southern California) and Adam a year later, and I can't even imagine a universe where Inxs "blew away" Adam. And I rather liked Inxs too (before the awful Kick album and everything after that). It sounds like plain exageration/ego boosting...pretty commonplace for this type of rock biography.

Sarah said...

we want something new now please!

khrockproducer said...

I was at the LA Show at the Long Beach Arena in Los Angeles when INXS opened for ANTs.

First, thank's Steve for the scan job.

I recall that those in the audience had never heard of INXS and we were not even sure how to pronounce the name "inks" ?

Micheal Hutchence came out and was in a white tank t-shirt. He was flailing his arms up and I recall thinking, "That man is dancing like a monkey"...he was all stretched out flailing as he did. I would always recall that about him. It just seemed to me like a typical opening band. (I still own a promo 12 inch vinyl for "The One Thing" single - from the record co, rare)

When Adam came out something BIZARRE HAPPENED. Mind you, I was young and I think I was on a psychedelic substance. hhmmm (Blazin on a Sunday Afternoon ?).

What freaked me, was that as the show went on, God, it was wild !!! It was something Adam and Marco themselves should have seen from our perspective. There was a sublime sexual quality to this band, just beyond Elvis, Adam was definitely the King of rock sexual spellbinging. Where's screamin Jay Hawkins. Put a spell on me. (I outta tell you what he did to me the next he came to town - in front of ten thousand people, he and Marco. I guess I was a pretty Mediterranian French/Spanish Ciciliian Type ?)

Well, the audience began throwing themselves over the balconies. I thought this was staged ! Little Ant People dancing twoard the the Elvis sex machine....little elves. I thought they were hired !!! Ha1. They were kids. I thought it was the munchkins of Oz....

Never saw anything like it.

My boyfriend and I got out of there and had great sex in the dodge halfway home.

They did inspire me to become a guitarist, composer, producer.

Not bad guys. Kim in LA

LESMANIA said...

I remember that in 1983 I read in some US magazine that INXS (so-called" 'blew Adam of the stage' every night.
Now I see where such preposterous gossip must have come from: The INXS band members themselves, as opposed to having been made up by a clueless teenybopper-mag journo that wrote that little Ant vs. INXS blurb at the time.

Also, after some long overdue soul searching I now face the fact that reading that nonsensensical tidbit in 1984 is probably why I never liked INXS. Well, that, and their crap music, of course.